Metallica at Great Woods Center, Mansfield, MA on 07-19-1998
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Metallica at Great Woods Center, Mansfield, MA on 07-19-1998

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Metallica’s live concert at the Great Woods Center (now known as the Xfinity Center) in Mansfield, Massachusetts, on July 19, 1998, was part of their “Poor Touring Me” tour, promoting their album “Reload.” Here’s a setlist that reflects what Metallica typically played during that tour:

  1. Helpless (Diamond Head cover)
  2. The Four Horsemen
  3. Of Wolf and Man
  4. The Thing That Should Not Be
  5. Fuel
  6. The Memory Remains
  7. King Nothing
  8. Bleeding Me
  9. No Remorse
  10. Am I Evil? (Diamond Head cover)
  11. Stone Cold Crazy (Queen cover)
  12. The Wait (Killing Joke cover)
  13. Master of Puppets
  14. Damage, Inc.


15. Last Caress (Misfits cover)

  1. One
  2. Breadfan (Budgie cover)
  3. Motorbreath

This setlist includes a mix of Metallica’s original compositions, such as “The Four Horsemen” and “Master of Puppets,” as well as covers of songs by bands that influenced them, including Diamond Head, Queen, and Killing Joke. The encore features covers of tracks by Misfits and Budgie, along with the iconic Metallica song “One.”

Please note that while this setlist is based on typical performances from the “Poor Touring Me” tour, actual setlists may have varied slightly from show to show.

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