Tool Kicks Off Winter Tour with Elder: A Recap of the Opening Show

Tool, the iconic American rock band, kicked off their highly anticipated winter tour with Elder on Wednesday night at Baltimore’s CFG Bank Arena. This tour is a continuation of their support for their critically acclaimed 2019 album, Fear Inoculum. The band treated fans to an 11-song show, showcasing their signature sound and captivating stage presence.

One fan in attendance at the band’s first show of 2024 managed to break the rules and record part of their performance of “Pneuma” before getting caught. This incident added an extra layer of excitement to an already electrifying night.

The winter tour is set to run until February 18, with some of the most highly anticipated shows taking place at the legendary Madison Square Garden in New York City. Tool will be performing back-to-back nights at this iconic venue on January 11 and 12, creating an unforgettable experience for their fans.

Tool’s setlist for the opening show of their winter tour didn’t deviate much from their previous performances. The band continues to place a heavy emphasis on their latest album, Fear Inoculum, performing six tracks from this record. However, they also made sure to represent their other studio albums, albeit in a smaller capacity. Two songs were chosen from 10,000 Days, while one song each was selected from Aenima, Lateralus, and Undertow.

One song that undoubtedly delighted Tool fans was “Rosetta Stoned.” This fan-favorite, originally from the album 10,000 Days, has been rarely performed since 2009. However, it became a fixture of last year’s setlist, with the band performing it a whopping 28 times. Its inclusion in the opening show of the winter tour is sure to please long-time fans.

With their unique blend of progressive metal, alternative rock, and art rock, Tool has established themselves as one of the most influential and innovative bands of their generation. Their live performances are known for their intense energy and mesmerizing visuals, making each show a truly immersive experience.

As the winter tour progresses, fans can expect to be treated to a captivating and dynamic performance from Tool. With their extensive discography and dedication to delivering an unforgettable live experience, each show is sure to be a unique and thrilling event.

Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to the band’s music, attending a Tool concert is an opportunity to witness the power and artistry of one of the most iconic rock bands of our time. Don’t miss out on the chance to be a part of this incredible tour.

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