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August Burns Red Announces Epic 20th Anniversary Livestream Extravaganza and Live Album Release

In a thrilling celebration of two decades of sonic excellence, August Burns Red has unveiled plans for a spectacular 20th-anniversary livestream event, set to captivate fans worldwide on February 3. The band is set to transport audiences back to the magic of their 20 Year Anniversary show at Stage AE in Pittsburgh, PA, held on May 3, 2023.AUGUST BURNS RED Announce 20th Anniversary Livestream And Live Album - Loaded Radio

Livestream Highlights: This highly anticipated livestream promises to be more than just a musical journey; it’s an immersive online hangout with the band. Fans can expect a pro-shot performance of the entire anniversary show, professionally filmed and edited to perfection. August Burns Red is all about creating a sense of togetherness, especially during the winter blues, and this livestream is the ultimate remedy for music enthusiasts craving a collective experience.

The band, known for their unparalleled connection with their fanbase, will be actively engaging with viewers in real-time through the chat feature. Imagine sharing memories, reminiscing about two decades of unforgettable music, and having a direct conversation with the band members themselves. This livestream is not just a performance; it’s a virtual gathering, a massive online hangout where fans and artists come together to celebrate the enduring legacy of August Burns Red.

Quotable Excitement: “Winter sucks, so let’s do something together,” declares the band. “Join us on Saturday, February 3, for a special livestream of our 20 Year Anniversary show from Stage AE in Pittsburgh, PA. We filmed and recorded the entire show, and had the footage and audio professionally edited and mixed. The five of us will be hanging out with everyone in the chat during the stream, so let’s share memories, reminisce, and have a great time together.”

Commemorative Live Album: But that’s not all! In tandem with the livestream, August Burns Red will be releasing a double LP live album titled “20 Year Tour Live.” This collection features electrifying live recordings from various dates throughout the 20 Year Anniversary Tour in 2023. Fans can now pre-order this immersive auditory experience, ensuring they have a tangible piece of the band’s historic milestone.

As February 3 approaches, fans and music lovers alike can anticipate a night filled with nostalgia, powerful performances, and a genuine connection with August Burns Red. The band’s 20th-anniversary celebration promises to be a beacon of light in the winter darkness, uniting fans across the globe for an unforgettable online experience.AUGUST BURNS RED Announce 20th Anniversary Livestream Event; 20 Year Tour  Live Vinyl Now Available For Preorder : Новости : DARKSIDE.ru

“Also, we’re stoked to announce that we’ve put together a new live album from our 20 Year Anniversary Tour,” August Burns Red shares. “Every night on tour, we recorded the audio for each set. Then, we picked our favorite songs from different cities all over North America and put together the album. It was the perfect way for us to wrap up our 20-year anniversary, and be able to relive those shows forever.”

The double LP runs as follows:

  1. “Intro”
  2. “Fault Line” (Tempe, AZ)
  3. “Truth of a Liar” (Toronto, ON)
  4. “Marianas Trench” (Nashville, TN)
  5. “Empire” (Denver, CO)
  6. “Martyr” (Dallas, TX)
  7. “Ancestry” (Atlanta, GA)
  8. “Eleventh Hour” (Quebec City, QC)
  9. “Carpe Diem” (Philadelphia, PA)
  10. “Invisible Enemy” (Worcester, MA)
  11. “Meddler” (Anaheim, CA)
  12. “Your Little Suburbia Is in Ruins” (Salt Lake City, UT)
  13. “Backfire” (Detroit, MI)
  14. “Laniakea” (St. Louis, MO)
  15. “Provision” (Portland, OR)
  16. “Ghosts” (New York, NY)
  17. “Meridian” (Cleveland, OH)
  18. “Back Burner” (Richmond, VA)
  19. “Spirit Breaker” (Seattle, WA)
  20. “Composure” (Charlotte, NC)
  21. “White Washed” (Montreal, QC)
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