New Releases, New Videos, New Ways to Get at Elon Musk, more on the MetalMania Live News This Week!

This week’s heavy metal scene is ablaze with a diverse array of new releases, showcasing the genre’s boundless creativity and relentless energy. From the eccentric sounds of Croatian weirdos to the intricate melodies of Andorran progsters, metalheads are in for a treat with this eclectic lineup.

Leading the pack are the Croatian avant-garde metal outfit, whose unconventional approach to music sets them apart in the metal landscape. Their latest offering promises to push boundaries and defy expectations, delivering a sonic experience like no other.

Meanwhile, Andorran progsters bring their signature blend of technical prowess and melodic finesse to the forefront with their latest release. With intricate compositions and virtuosic performances, these prog maestros continue to captivate audiences with their musical prowess.

In Oakland, the enigmatic Ghoul-ish Oaklanders unleash their brand of macabre metal, promising a spine-chilling journey into the depths of darkness. With haunting melodies and bone-crushing riffs, their latest release is sure to leave listeners spellbound.

In other news, Mercyful Fate bassist Becky Baldwin shares insights into her journey with the legendary metal band, revealing the process behind her permanent membership. With her unparalleled talent and dedication, Baldwin’s addition to the lineup is set to elevate Mercyful Fate to new heights of musical excellence.

Meanwhile, former Dawn Of Correction drummer Richard Tornetta makes headlines with a bold move targeting Twitter and Tesla CEO Elon Musk. His actions underscore the power of music to provoke thought and challenge authority in unexpected ways.

As the metal community buzzes with excitement over these new releases and developments, fans can also look forward to an array of upcoming tour dates. Breaking Benjamin announces a North American tour with Daughtry and Catch Your Breath, promising an electrifying live experience for metal enthusiasts across the continent.

Origin treats fans to a dizzying re-recording of their 2000 track “Disease Called Man,” showcasing their technical prowess and relentless energy. Meanwhile, The Halo Effect unveils an unreleased Days Of The Lost track titled “Become Surrender,” offering a tantalizing glimpse into their creative evolution.

Closing out the lineup is Leaving, who streams their slow-burning new single “Hollow Ache,” captivating listeners with their emotive melodies and haunting lyrics. With each release promising a unique sonic journey, metal fans have plenty to look forward to in the weeks ahead.

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